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Setting up a static IP for our WiFi interface in Raspbian

In case our router doesn’t have a DHCP server (unlikely) or it doesn’t support binding IP addresses to MAC addresses so we always get the same IP for our Pi (possible), we need to set a static IP on the Pi. That way we can make sure the Pi will be reachable on the same IP even across router reboots.

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Enabling SSH and connect to your home WiFi with a headless Pi Zero W

Currently there are two Raspberry Pi types which come with built-i WiFi modules: the Raspberry Pi 3 and the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

If you don’t have a display to connect the Pi to set it up, or you’ve ordered a Pi Zero W without the mini-HDMI adapter, HDMI cable and USB OTG cable for an USB keyboard, you can still use your Pi’s built in Wifi to connect to your home WiFi router, and reach the Zero W via SSH, using the IP address the router has assigned to it via DHCP.

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Setting up WiFi using an RTL8188eu dongle on Raspberry Pi Zero

The RTL8188eu WiFi chip is not supported in Raspbian Lite out of the box, so we need a few things to make it work, but I’ll show you how.

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Setting up built-in WiFi on Raspberry Pi 3

At the time of writing this post, the newest device in the Raspberry Pi universe was Pi 3, released on 29th February 2016, boasting a 64bit CPU, an onboard Bluetooth chip, and last but not least: onboard WiFi.

We’ll focus on how to set up WiFi in this post.

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