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Logging download speed of transmission-daemon

This one-liner checks the current sum of download speed of all torrents currently running in transmission-daemon. You can also direct the output to a file, to have a logfile of it.

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Transmission on Raspberry Pi

Downloading (legal) content using torrents is very convenient, but if you plan to “seed” back the stuff, then you’ll need to keep your computer running 24/7 which won’t be good for your electricity bills. For this reason it’s a nice idea to use a Raspberry Pi as a “torrent server” a.k.a “seedbox” which will run day and night, as it’s power consumption is tiny compared to a laptop, let alone a desktop PC.

We’ll be using Transmission as a torrent client, which can be installed as a “daemon” running in the background all the time on the Raspberry Pi.

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