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Month: October 2017

Give more power to USB devices on Raspberry Pi

There’s a way to allow your Pi to provide as much power to the connected USB devices as possible. Let me show you how.

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Dataplicity user su-ing

When using the Dataplicity service, you get logged into their default user ‘dataplicity’. You need to su into your regular user, usually ‘pi’. To make this more convenient (also less secure, so please consider yourself warned!) you can create a sudoers config to allow sudo-ing without a password, and then invoking a shell as the pi user from dataplicity user, without a password.

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Setting up a static IP for our WiFi interface in Raspbian

In case our router doesn’t have a DHCP server (unlikely) or it doesn’t support binding IP addresses to MAC addresses so we always get the same IP for our Pi (possible), we need to set a static IP on the Pi. That way we can make sure the Pi will be reachable on the same IP even across router reboots.

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