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Kindle 4 AdBlocker

I got an ad-supported version Kindle 4 as a gift, but the ads bothered me, so I’ll show how to remove them.

Read Temperature/Humidity from AM2302 using AdafruitDHT library

The AM2302 is a wired version of the DHT22, in a large plastic body. There is a 5.1K resistor inside the sensor connecting VCC and DATA so you do not need any additional pullup resistors Use the official guide to… Continue Reading →

pilight-send raw codes with bash script on Raspberry Pi

In one of the previous posts I have shown how to control the socket’s with pilight and an RF transmitter. Since the pilight protocol which will be able to control my outlets (quigg_gt9000) is not finished yet, I wrote a… Continue Reading →

Transmission on Raspbian Lite

Transmission is a torrent client, which can be installed as daemon on Raspbian

Installing 2016-05-10-raspbian-jessie-lite on Raspberry Pi 2B

We will install a headless Raspbian Lite to our Raspberry Pi 2 (version B).

Set WiFi on Raspberry Pi 3 easily

The newest device in the Raspberry Pi universe was released on 29th February 2016, boasting a 64bit CPU, and an onboard Bluetooth chip, and last but not least, WiFi. We focus on how to set up WiFi in this post…. Continue Reading →

433Mhz RF Remote Control with pilight on Raspberry Pi

I have a set of SilverCrest IP20 remote controlled sockets purchased in LIDL. Remote: SilverCrest 113854 RCT DS1 AAA-A 3726 4x Switches: SilverCrest 113854 RCR DS1 3711-A IP20 FR 3726 These work on 433Mhz radio frequency, so the switches can… Continue Reading →

Custom Welcome Message MOTD on Raspberry Pi

Check out my custom MOTD on my Raspberry Pi, it’s showing useful data about the system right after I log in.

Updated settings.json file for transmission-daemon

New content for transmission settings file, it’s sorted according to the Torrnado android client settings, up until “bind-address-ipv4” where it starts to sort as it was. Deprecated settings were cleaned out.

NFS Server on Raspbian Lite

I use my NFS server to stream media to Kodi media centers installed on various devices in my local network.

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